Warden Hilltop Community Centre

Located near Warden ave & St. Clair ave, this community centre is easily accessible from the Scarborough Bluffs neighbourhoods. I love this community centre, as it is relatively new, bright and clean and offers a variety of programs for all ages.


This community centre has many great amenities:

  • Fitness/Weight room (monthly memership is required)
  • Craft room, dance studio, gym, kitchen, multipurpose rooms
  • Rooms available for rent for events such as birthday parties
  • Outdoor playground with splash pad
  • Outdoor field


The centre offers both drop-in programs and registered programs (run by the city of Toronto).

Drop-in programs include Fit and Fun for families (4 yrs+), Mom and Baby Drop in for children (up to 2 yrs), Recreatioanl Fun and Play with Caregiver (up to 3 yrs). There are also arts, fitness and sports drop-in programs for adults.

There are a variety of registered classes for both adults, young children and older children. Classes cost around $40-$80 per 9 week session. There are Arts, Dance, Guitar, Music, Fitness, Sports, Learn to Bike and Cooking classes. Summer camps are also offered at this community centre.


Some of the classes that my kids have enjoyed were:


  • Ready, Set, Play (3-5 yrs old) – Really fun class that involves variety of physical activities and games. Great way to get your children to burn off some energy, especially in the winter months.


  • Soccer (3-5 yrs old) – An introduction to soccer, mostly kids running after a ball, but still a nice way to get your children to run.


  • Ballet (3-5 yrs old) – An introduction to dance and ballet. The class is definitely not as interesting and well organized as a class offered at a real dance school, but for the low price that you pay, you can introduce your child to dance and see If there’s enough interest to enrol in a real dance school. Also, I really liked that children do a little performance of the routine they learned on the last day of classes.


  • Making Music with Caregiver (6 months – 4 yrs) – My opinion is that this class is more suitable for 1-2.5 years old toddlers. The class involves singing many popular children’s songs, including ones that involve movement and dancing.  It’s a lot of fun, as the instructor leaves out various musical instruments for children to play with during the class.


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